Update 30

- Allow Guild War by map option: OK
- Allow Marry commands by map option(trace/track): OK
- Allow Cashshop by map option: OK
- Auto Save Login: OK
- Command Message Box: OK
- Command Reward/Rewardall multilanguage message(S6/S8):OK
- Create account in game: OK
- Custom Event Time (V2): OK
- Custom Guild Effect: OK
- Custom Item Description: OK
- Notice multilanguage(S6/S8): OK
- Max rate of Lesser Damage Skill by class option: OK
- Max rate of Lesser Defense Skill by class option: OK
- Max Coins limit: OK
- Monster invasion amount by online players count: OK
- Incoming Message icon and Warning: OK
- Ice Arrow Skill rate/time option: OK
- Party Master Experience:OK
- Reload Map/Terrain Option: OK
- Reload Message/Notice: OK
- Fix Castle siege after click switch can't move(S6): OK
- Fix Gift command with Delay: OK
- Fix Marry trace: OK
- Fix MonsterPowerTable by Master level: OK
- Fix Wz_Setcoin with cashshop disabled: OK